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June 13, 2012
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Commission Meressa by ChiNoMiko Commission Meressa by ChiNoMiko
Commission for :iconmeressa16: on
Actually it was pretty fun to draw a player's character out of the game and i love working with blue. *u*
People tend to think she is a mermaid because she is always in blue so i played along with that, the charms and some scales on her back.

Hope you'll like it !

Commission pour :iconmeressa16: sur
C'etait plutot chouette de dessiner le personnage d'une joueuse avec sa propre personnalité, et j'adore travailler avec du bleu. *u*
Les gens ont tendances ŕ penser que c'est une sirčne puisqu'elle est toujours en bleu, j'ai jouer avec cet aspect sur ses breloques, des petites ecailles au bas du dos etc...
J'espere qu'elle te plaira !

Commissions Infos

AmourSucre, Dating Game by *ChiNoMiko and Beemoov.
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loligirlmikufan Apr 6, 2014  Student General Artist
Kyokozu Mar 16, 2014  New member
Elle est magnifique, comme tous tes dessins *-*
Oui, je suis une grande fan ^^
merci beaucoup !! >///<
Lia-Luv Nov 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist

Eh, I'm semi-lazy right now, have a short critique X3 (p.s. I always have this thing about making critics neat xD I dunno. I'm weird like that~)

Her hair:

 I honestly find this to be absolutely beautiful. For some reason the her hair really pops out to me, and there must be so many details in it! I find the way you shaped the hair overall was perfect.

 Let's not forget the colors,highlighting,and shading. While most artists go through he** and back to be able to pull off such reflective,shining and glossy beauty, this pictures makes it look like you did it perfectly! I know this is a weird compliment, but you seem like you could color with ease. I back this up with this information: Most artists get angry, very frustrated when they can't draw something correctly, and that ruins how they draw. You could see rough lines, and lazy scribbling, ina way I can see if an artist got angry and frustrated while drawing but it's extremely complicated to explain.

So basically 9/10 for the hair!


The eyes:

 I'll keep it short and sweet. While most people tend to look at the LARGER parts of the body, like the pose and all, they tend to not look at the eyes. I see every little details you put into those eyes, the shaidng highlighling, to those itty bitty specks of lighter color to make them reflect and seem a little glossy, don;t think this beautiful piece of the drawing went unnoticed, because I noticed it and it deserves a bravo~ :iconbwavoplz: and who better to bravo you than Bwavo bunny? C:=3


10/10 For this! ^^


Body pose: Easy breezy, beautiful and flawless, Covergirl material pose! ^^ I love how you added a bit of bust past the arm though, it was also noticed (Do I sense another visti from Bwavo Bunny?) Even for such a small details I notice shading and highlighting.

beautiful shading and skin work for this one. 10/10



asdffghjk!! *flips a table over* Absolutely freaking beautiful!! I swear to you, if I died, I would die happy if I was wearing that outfit...The sharms and braclets were beautiful, once again flawless shading and highlughting, I love the ring and the skirt...Ahh mah gossshh DAT skirt. Everybody got time fo dat skirt :iconnotimeplz: Glitter everywhere! it's so :iconfabulousplz:




The water: Absolutely freaking amazing! There has been no other background of water I've seen so far (In anime draiwngs) that blend in so well as this one, absolutely flawless work. 10/10


The Scales:


I think I've died and gone to artist heaven, look at them! Absolutely complex, it must have been difficult to draw, for such a little pieve of the picture, it sure as heck prob ally had the most details! I swear to you, I see 6 diffrent shades of blue already, and ahh the way those scales speakle! Just beautiful. This is a certicfied 20 on a scale of 1-10

so 20/10



Absolutely beutiful work ChiNoMiko!

My only complaint, is Im not sure if the background is fog, or if its just white. It sorta is too bright, possibly use a very very light silver instead of white? It would make the picture easier on the eyes. ^^

Sorry if it wasn;t much of a critique, This is only my 2nd critique in the last 6 months *I have another account on here* So yeahh ~LiLi

oh wow ! °^°
Thank you for writting so much xD
Lia-Luv Nov 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Lawl, Eh compared to what I type for a critique, this is short xD But my hand started hurting so yeah 0-0 ~Lili
Lia-Luv Nov 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
So freaking beautiful! The blue looks amazing =w= whenever I get up and stop being lazy, yoru deffantly getting a critque :3
aww thanks a lot !
i think i never get any cc °^°
Lia-Luv Nov 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Lol, Your welcome! ^.^ Done with the Critique, sorry if I didn't have much to say about adjusting stuff :I U.U I seriously only found 1 thing wrong with that picture *which is mentioned at the bottum of my critique*
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